St Teilo's Church

How to build a church and what you will need

The Church is being rebuilt using techniques from the Middle Ages.

Watch our craftsmen demonstrating these skills here.

  1. Mark out plan of church on ground with pegs and twine.
    (Architect/Head builder)

  2. Use a pickaxe and shovel to dig foundations.
    (Team of labourers)

  3. Use a trowel and shovel to lay stone and mix lime-mortar.
    (Stone Masons and labourers)

  4. Use a mallet and chisel to cut and carve the stone for windows.
    (Banker Mason)

  5. Use a saw, square, adze, auger, chisels and mallet to create oak trusses and build roof.

  6. Use a chisel and hammer to make wooden pegs.

  7. Use a chisel and hammer to cut stone rooftiles. Lay on split oak battens.

  8. Use lead beaters and cutters to create leadwork.

  9. Use a trowel and hawk to plaster the walls with lime plaster and horse hair.

  10. Lay flagstones on the floor.

  11. Make nails, hinges, locks from iron, and a door from oak.
    (Blacksmith and Carpenter)

  12. Carve rood screen, rood loft and carvings out of oak.

  13. Make stained glass windows – don’t forget strips of lead to hold glass in place.

  14. Create five stone altars.
    (Stone Masons and Banker Masons)

  15. Create sculptures of Saints and Holy Rood.

  16. Mix natural pigments and paint wall paintings.

  17. Build bell tower.
    (Stone Masons)

  18. Cast a bronze bell.
    (Bell Foundry)

  19. Finally, limewash the outside walls. Repeat twice a year.
    (Labourers and willing volunteers)