'Wales needs to know about its past. Understanding a culture's history is vital to its continuing growth and development. The Welsh Government's One Wales agenda emphasises celebrating and conserving our outstanding heritage - and knowledge must underpin this.'
Introducing a Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales, 2008

Research is a fundamental part of the work of the Department and covers a broad range of activities, from the analysis of individual artefacts to the excavation of new sites and the publication of reviews of archaeology in Wales. An active programme of research excavations throughout Wales over the last twenty years has helped develop some collecting areas and provide context for new and old existing assemblages.

The Department's research strategy will address our Vision priorities and will also take account of the research framework for the archaeology of Wales, produced after extensive consultation and published in 2008. Our research programme will also underpin the development of St Fagans National Museum of History.

The Archaeology & Numismatics Department is currently engaged in research within the following broad themes: