Staff: Adam Gwilt and Mary Davis [with Dr Fraser Hunter (National Museums Scotland), Dr Jody Joy (British Museum), Dr J D Hill (British Museum)]

In 2006, the AHRC funded a three year research programme, led by Professor Chris Gosden (Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford), investigating Celtic or La Tène Art in Britain. This Technologies of Enchantment project has been supported by Museum archaeologists, who have contributed advice, presentations and journal papers. A major radiocarbon dating programme of Celtic Art (40 dates) has been undertaken as part of this project, including six artefacts in our collections (Cerrig-y-Drudion Crown, Llyn Cerrig Bach chariot and spear, Boverton collar, Brecon cremation group and Welshpool bucket and burial group) and the Trawfynydd Tankard (National Museums Liverpool).

The intention, at the end of this first stage, is to follow this up with a Museum funding application, in order to communicate the outcomes of this research project to wide public audiences. The major outcome would be a collaborative touring exhibition around Britain, bringing together and lending collections from the three National Museum Partners. Cardiff, Edinburgh and London would be joined by three or four additional regional museum partner venues. A raft of accompanying resources would include an exhibition guide, Celtic Art web pages, activities and events programmes, a conference and lecture presentations.