Staff: Oliver Fairclough

Research for these redisplays is in part museological, and has included field visits to institutions of especial relevance and topicality such as the National Gallery of Ireland and Glasgow City Art Gallery. Outcomes include the introductory 'Insight' gallery, which explores both the diversity of the collection and new ways of understanding and appreciating it, as well as a more thematic approach to display elsewhere.

It also involves substantial work in specific collection areas. These include the practice of portraiture in sixteenth and seventeenth century Wales, on the making of art and on the changing role and status of the artist in the eighteenth century, and on artists' responses to, and interpretations of the Welsh landscape from the eighteenth century to the present. The outcomes will include new interpretive panel texts, and a secondary layer of handheld printed interpretation, as well as a number of screen-based interactives. All labels for paintings and art objects will be completely rewritten, based on physical examination, as well as a review of existing information, and where necessary additional research.