Staff: Nicholas Thornton

Research into the Centre Block redisplays will encourage new ways of understanding our internationally important collections of British and European art from the 1870s to the 1940s. The work of leading Welsh artists, notably Gwen and Augustus John, will be given a prominent place in these new galleries. A flexible gallery will also be integrated into the plans to deliver changing displays where thematic and cross-historical approaches will be used to create new contexts and approaches for understanding and appreciating the early modern collections. This will also encourage interest and engagement amongst the widest possible range of audiences.

The West Wing redisplays will be delivered in two main phases. Research is currently being undertaken into key works and themes to ensure both phases give prominence to the museum's important holdings of modern and contemporary art. The Derek Williams Trust collection will be given focused attention, but the strength and depth of the Trust's collection will be explored throughout the West Wing by being fully integrated with the museum's own collection. The West Wing will give a platform for contemporary practice in a wide range of media including film, photography and installation. The work of artists living and working in Wales today will be displayed in ways that underline their significant role in the increasingly international field of contemporary visual arts.