Staff: Bryony Dawkes

The subject of this research work is a group of forty seven oil paintings and eleven works on paper from the incomparable Davies Bequest of French Impressionists, included as part of a five-venue tour of America in 2009 entitled Turner to Cézanne. It has involved creating up-to-date catalogue entries for all the works, which will be published by the AFA to accompany the exhibition. The project looks at the breadth of the Davies sisters' collection, and how it encompasses major developments in European painting in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Included works range from Turner, through Realism, Impressionism and Post and Neo Impressionism, ending with early British modernism and the work of figures such as Matthew Smith and Robert Bevan. Although many of the paintings in the exhibition are some of our most high profile and extensively researched works (for example Renoir's La Parisienne and Cézanne's The François Zola Dam), the scope of the project includes numerous less well known pieces which have been rarely exhibited, and about which little or no published material exists. Recent research on the Davies sisters has informed the catalogue entries, and is also summarized in an introductory essay by Oliver Fairclough.