"Open-air museums show... totalities, unite nature and culture, the spiritual and material, combine theory and practice... " Sten Rentzhog, 2008

St Fagans is the home of a national archive of oral testimony as well as being a museum of material culture. Since the sound archive was established in 1958, it has always been our remit to represent 'the life and culture of the nation... including in its illustration the activities of the mind and spirit – speech, drama, and music – as well as of the hand.' This intangible heritage is not only important in itself, but plays a part in bringing museum objects to life, in providing a complete context.

Two very rich aspects of Welsh cultural life are represented in our research projects: the first project is the synthesis of a lifetime of comprehensive collecting, and the other an excellent example of the crossover between 'activities of the mind and spirit' and those 'of the hand'.