Staff: Andrew Mackie, Teresa Darbyshire & Kate Mortimer-Jones, [and Fredrik Pleijel and Erika Norlinder, Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory, Sweden, Wilfried Westheide, Osnabrück University, Germany - retired), Peter Garwood, Identichaet, Newcastle-upon-Tyne]

This is a collaborative project with Drs Richard Warwick and Paul Somerfield (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), and the above non-museum scientists. The work is part of a larger PML-led project on the Marine Flora and Fauna of the lsles of Scilly.

The Marine Biodiversity Section was invited to put together a team of experts to compile an updated annotated list of marine bristleworms (polychaetes) from the Isles of Scilly. The previous work on the group was carried out by Dr Tegwyn Harris (Exeter University) and published in the Journal of Natural History in 1972. Shore sampling took place in September 2006, with the possibility of sublittoral sampling at a later date. The analysis is underway and will be completed in 2008.