Staff: L. McCobb & R.M. Owens

In the 1960s, Dr C.H. C. Brunton, formerly of the Natural History Museum, London, extracted large numbers of silicified brachiopods and a small quantity of trilobites from the Carboniferous Limestone of Co. Fermanagh. He described the brachiopods in a series of publications, and later passed the trilobites to RMO for study. An initial list of trilobite species was prepared by RMO, and quoted in one of Brunton's papers, but the material has yet to be described formally.

With its exquisite preservation, this material is a rare example of silicified trilobites from the Carboniferous, and should provide significant morphological details which are not always readily revealed in non-silicified specimens. It also has the potential of providing further taxonomic information on the genera and species present.