Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales holds the most comprehensive collection of Welsh minerals, and is also a centre for research into the mineralogy of Wales. Around 4,000 officially recognized mineral species are known to occur globally; of these 365 have been recognized from Wales, with a further 50 or so listed in the literature but which have not been properly confirmed. On-going research by Museum staff and our co-workers serves to verify what is known and add to this resource.

A summary of all available data is provided by The Mineralogy of Wales, an expanded version of R.E. Bevins A Mineralogy of Wales, 1994, researched and produced by staff of the Mineralogy & Petrology Section and honorary research associate J.S. Mason, in partnership with the Countryside Council for Wales. Although the heyday of metal mining in Wales has long since passed, mineral extraction continues in the form of quarrying for building stone and aggregate. By appreciating our mineral heritage we can conserve and preserve it for future generations.