Staff: J. Horak & H. Jackson
early Christian monument
The early Christian monuments of Wales are regarded as amongst the most significant survivals from the pre-Norman period. The collection of original stones and casts held by the Museum are noted for its range of forms, inscriptions and sometimes elaborate decoration.

This project is a continuation of petrological studies undertaken to support archaeological research into early medieval monuments and sculptures in south-west and south Wales by Drs Nancy Edwards (Bangor University) and Mark Redknap (Amgueddfa Cymru) respectively. Both works are due for publication towards the end of 2007.

Examination of the lithologies from which the monuments and sculptures have been made allows comment on the derivation of the materials used, their distance of transportation, and the similarities or difference of difference in the way similar lithologies have been worked. Over 450 stones were examined in the previous two stages of this major project, and in the final part of the study a further 110 stones from north Wales will be examined. Initial petrological work for this stage of the project has been supported by a Board of Celtic Studies grant to Dr Nancy Edwards. The remaining petrological work will be supported jointly by the Museum the British Academy.