Staff: Robert Protheroe Jones

There have only been two previous books on the Welsh tinplate industry (1957 and 1993), both of which were text-based rather than pictorial. Welsh Tinplate will seek to communicate and describe the history of the industry and to explain the basics of the technology employed through the medium of pictures, this being far more accessible than text-based descriptions. It will commence with the development of rolling and tinning technology by the Hanburys at Pontypool at the start of the eighteenth century, and trace the rise of the Welsh industry to international pre-eminence by the start of the nineteenth century, which was maintained for over a century. It will emphasize the close identification of the industry with south west Wales, and conclude with the mid twentieth century change from hand-rolling in the packmill process and hot dip tinning, to automated rolling in continuous strip mills and electrolytic tinning processes.

The output will be a popular work broadly similar to Welsh Steel and Welsh Iron thus completing a linked threesome. There have been no picture books on this subject, and no books in this price range. It will complement National Waterfront Museum displays on this topic and create awareness of, and access to, the Department of Industry photographic collection.