Staff: Robert Protheroe Jones

A bibliography of seventeenth and early eighteenth century publications contemporary to the Company of Mine Adventurers, a London-based joint stock concern that was active, mining mainly in mid Wales and smelting at Neath, from the 1690s to the mid seventeenth century is being created. Financial scandals and fraud racked the company, resulting in an outpouring of pamphlets — promotional, critical and defensive. A number of historians have drawn on them but no comprehensive bibliography of this rich source for the early modern history of Welsh metal mining and non-ferrous smelting has previously been attempted. The fully-annotated bibliography will correlate the various inexact references and confused titles cited in key publications relevant to Welsh industrial history, after an introduction placing the company and its publications in context. Publication will be in a festschrift in memory of the late D.E. Bick, a leading Welsh historian of metal mining which will form the inaugural volume of a new journal, Welsh Mines and Mining.