Now it is time to gather your information and thoughts together and make your report to the Queen.

It is up to you how you do this. You could make it a formal written report, or maybe do something a little more imaginative, like a poem, a class display, a play or even a PowerPoint presentation (OK they didn't have computers in Victorian times, but, hey we did say you could use your imagination!)

However you choose to do it, try to support the statements you make with evidence that you have gathered in your investigations. Remember, the Queen and many of her Members of Parliament will probably never have been near a coal mine or an iron works, and will not want to believe that conditions could be this bad. You will have to use your evidence to convince them.

If you would like to find out what happened as a result of the real Royal Commision report of 1842 click here!

Do your job well as children's lives might depend on you!