For Task 1 Activity 2

Job title: Haulier

Age requirements: 14-17 years of age.

Nature of the job: To drive the horse-drawn drams of coal between the coal face and the entrance to the mine. Take care of the horse during the shift and take it home at night.

Dangers of the Job: Can easily be injured when jumping on or off moving drams, or crushed between the dram and the wall of the mine.

Physical requirements: Must be fit, agile and strong. Must like hard work and be prepared to ignore frequent injuries. Strong limbs and bones essential! Must be a quick thinker and have excellent eyesight in the dark. Must be quite small, however, as the roadways in this mine are very narrow and low.

Pay: To be agreed (but not much!).

Hours of work: Variable.

Useful hints and tips: Should have worked in a mine before, know how the drams work, and know their way around the mine. A love of horses would be desirable.