Try your hand at the Babies, Boils and Burials activity, which examines the evidence for poor health, disease and death rates in Blaenavon in the 19th century.

Look at the burial records for Llanover at Blaenavon in the year 1841. In the tally chart group the number of deaths per age group. Make sure that you enter all the data carefully.

Once you have entered the data, click on the Questions worksheet tab and answer the questions.

Which one on the Evaluation Grid best describes you?

Trainee Inspector Assistant Inspector Senior Inspector

I can find out the ages at which most people died in Blaenavon in 1842.

I can use a speadsheet to analyse a graph and answer questions about health in Blaenavon in 1842.

I can identify causes for the high death rates of children in 1842 and I can give reasons to explain these.