Imagine that you were born in the Blaenavon area in about 1785, before the industry and town were built. You moved away to live in England when you were about 10 years old, and you had never returned to Wales since.

Now in 1842, you are an old man or woman and you have come back to spend your last years in the place of your birth.

Write a letter to a friend or relative and explain to them how the place has changed and what you feel about these changes.

Which one on the Evaluation Grid best describes you?

Trainee Inspector Assistant Inspector Senior Inspector

By using the date list, I can complete the 'drag and drop' exercise which shows how Blaenavon grew.

By completing the 'drag and drop' exercise and studying population figures, I understand that Blaenavon grew considerably in the 19th century. I can suggest some reasons why this is so.

I can imagine that I am a person returning to Blaenavon in 1842 and I can make observations about the growth of the town and how and why it has changed.