This learning resource has been designed with flexibility in mind, in the hope that teachers will feel liberated rather than straitjacketed by it. The resource could be used, for example, as a means of challenging more able children tolearn independently, as a framework for group work, or as a basis for whole class teaching and learning, perhaps using computer suites and/or interactive whiteboards. It could form the vehicle for a whole term's work, or a short, intensive investigation. Teachers can use it in its entirety or merely pick and choose specific topics, or activities resources. In many cases, children can work on screen or on paper.

Children of the Revolution can provide a wide range of stimuli for children and adults alike, but learning only truly takes place when students are challenged to think about the meaning or implications of the information they are absorbing. Teachers, therefore, still need to initiate debate and discussion amongst students, to develop ideas and skills, draw conclusions and promote understanding as well as knowledge.