As a complement to the Children of the Revolution multi-media resource, Newport City Council School Improvement Service has produced a thirty-minute video for schools called Iron Town - Blaenavon and its part in the Industrial Revolution.

In the video, Don Trueman describes the development of the Industrial Revolution and how it made the British the richest and most powerful nation on earth in the 19th century. He goes on to pose the question of what part the small and apparently ordinary town of Blaenavon played in this story and why this place is now accorded the same historical status as the Pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China.

In attempting to find an answer, Don is guided by Sharon Ford, Education Officer of the National Mining Museum, Big Pit. She directs him on a journey of discovery, traversing the landscape of the World Heritage Site and, amidst stunning scenery, visiting many of the physical remains of Blaenavon's industrial past. She gives him answers to many vital questions about how and, most importantly, why industry developed in this valley, how it impacted on the landscape and people and how events and personalities at Blaenavon affected millions of people across the world.

Iron Town should provide schools with a much-needed simple and graphic introduction to the concept of the Industrial Revolution and form a valuable background for their studies of living and working in the 19th century at Key Stage 2.

Iron Town was launched alongside Children of the Revolution at Big Pit on November 26th, 2003.

For further information about either of these resources contact Don Trueman on 01633 821628 or email,