• Children of the Revolution
    Children of the Revolution is a multi-media learning resource produced by Newport City Council and Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales. Children will explore the world of the industrial workforce by accessing real historical evidence through a variety of multimedia experiences. They will meet characters from the past in their workplace, homes and school, discover how the nation's thirst for iron and coal caused an explosion of population and shantytowns, and encounter the harsh realities of the poverty, illness and malnutrition that inevitably accompanied such rapid urban growth.

  • Iron Age Teachers' Pack
    From the building of hillforts and the first use of iron, to tribal resistance and Roman conquest, the Celtic Iron Age in Wales (750BC-AD50) is a fascinating time of human change and development. We can learn about the customs, beliefs and organisation of early Celtic societies by looking for the remains they left behind. Archaeologists try to fit together the fragments of ancient human evidence, discovered during survey and excavation, or as chance finds. Whether looking at the 'left-overs' from a feast, or the ruins of a settlement, each clue adds to a bigger picture of what it was like to live during the Iron Age.

  • Our Celtic Family

  • Police, Pickets and Politics
    A resource pack created for secondry school teachers in association with Big Pit National Coal Museum