National Roman Legion Museum

After retiring from their main job, many people use their time to relax, catch up with friends or look after their grandchildren. But LaBessa Warren from Caerleon used her retirement as an opportunity to start afresh and volunteer at the National Roman Legion Museum.

Looking for a way to fill her free time and a new challenge, LaBessa never thought of asking the Museum whether she could join the team until a friend who worked at the main desk mentioned the Museum were looking for assistance. 

Initially helping the education team on a voluntary basis, LaBessa was soon offered a permanent position as an administrative officer. In her current role, which she’s been undertaking for seven years, she’s able to use her previous experience and has become a central part of the team.

Given the freedom to develop the administrative officer’s job to suit her needs and skills, LaBessa assists with school visits and has even facilitated aspects of the Romans in Residence event, which gives visitors an insight into a Roman fortress.

“There are so many different aspects to the job,” said LaBessa. “I love meeting and working with children and enjoy working with the other staff at the Museum. I would thoroughly recommend volunteering to anyone, especially if it results in a job like mine!”