February 2005

It will frequently be the case that photographs are taken of children and young people participating in education programmes, work experience and voluntary activities and that these will be used for publicity purposes. The Museum is aware that such pictures may be vulnerable to abuse by unscrupulous persons. Therefore, if a photograph of a single child or a group of less than 5 children is to be used for material which may be viewed by the public, written permission will be sought from the school or other responsible organisation, or from the child's parents directly where appropriate. For groups of 6 or more children, specific permission will not be sought, although blanket permission will be requested from the school as a matter of courtesy.

Sometimes children will be asked to 'pose' for publicity photographs. In this case, parents will be asked for written permission to use the photographs in any appropriate way in perpetuity. Any photographs taken will be labelled and dated.

Visitors and other members of the public who appear to be taking photographs in inappropriate circumstances should be challenged where there are reasonable grounds for suspicion.