The fanfare of the two Corn Gwlad is an essential element of Gorsedd ceremonies in the Stone Circle and especially as they call the winning poet or author onto the festival stage.

It isn't certain when the fanfare of the Corn Gwlad was first introduced to the ceremonies but by the1860s the 'call of the trumpeter' was a customary part of the Logan Stone rite.

In Wrexham Eisteddfod in 1888, Edward Jones, Mayor of Pwllheli, presented a silver Corn Gwlad for the Gorsedd's use. Then, in 1900 Alicia Needham, an Irish composer, noted that she had ordered a new silver trumpet with a red dragon banner on it, because, she claimed:

'it will look much more dignified and appropriate than the Cornet which was used at Cardiff, and which seemed altogether too modern.'

The trumpeter's gown and cap were designed by Isaac Williams of the National Museum of Wales in 1923.

Members of the Welsh Guards were regular trumpeters after the Second World War and in 1947 Haydn Morris (Haydn Bencerdd) composed a fanfare for the different ceremonies. Since then several different trumpeters have served the Gorsedd.

A pair of trumpets previously used at Queen Elizabeth's Coronation ceremony (1953) was donated through the former-Herald Bard (Sieffre o Gyfarthfa)'s Memorial Fund and the pendant banners on them were embroidered by Miss Iles, Brynsiencyn.