Some sort of banner seems to have been seen at many Gorsedd ceremonies during the nineteenth century. A simple banner with 'Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain' on it can be seen in a photograph of the Gorsedd at Brecon in 1889.

The first official banner, however, was the one designed by T.H.Thomas, Arlunydd Pen-y-garn, the Herald Bard, for the Llandudno Gorsedd in 1896. He explains:

'In the upper part is seen the sun symbolising celestial light, bearing upon it the golden dragon, at once a symbol of energy and the badge of Cambrian nationality; from the sun emerge golden rays, three of which are prolonged downwards forming the 'Nod Cyfrin' of the 'Awen'. � The lower part of the design represents, in symbol, the Gorsedd of the Bards of the Isle of Britain � Around the 'Maen Llog' are the twelve 'meini gwynion'; � Upon the 'Maen Llog' may rest a sheathed sword. �
Around the Gorsedd Circle are deposited the plants representing the 'Alban' - trefoil, vervain, corn and mistletoe. The whole design is surrounded by a wide decorative border of oak leaves with acorns from which at parts mistletoe arises.'

These images are on a background of azure-blue silk and the mottoes 'Y Gwir yn erbyn y Byd' (the Truth against the World); 'Yn Wyneb Haul Llygad Goleuni' (In the Face of the Sun and in the Eye of Light) and 'Heddwch' (Peace) are embroidered on it in gold. It was embroidered by Miss Lena Evans (Brodes D�r) and donated by Sir Arthur Stepney, Llanelli.

The Banner has been refurbished several times but remains faithful to this design.