1. Y Corn Gwlad: the annual journal of the Gorsedd of the Bards and the Eisteddfod, 1949-50; edited by crowned bard, John Eilian, with a picture of the current Archdruid, Wil Ifan on its cover. Its price was half a crown. It was published by Hughes and Son. It contained articles about Gorsedd regalia and rites, stories, poems, music and the curriculum of the Gorsedd examinations. Only one number was published.

  2. The only number published of the journal 'Y Corn Gwlad', 1989.
    The only number published of the journal Y Corn Gwlad, 1989.

    Y Corn Gwlad: the Journal of the Gorsedd of the Bards, Number 1, 1989, edited by crowned bard, Eirwyn George, and Revd Rhys Nicholas. It contained articles on Gorsedd matters such as archdruidical succession, the regalia, the troubles of the split sword ceremony and a poetry section. The substantial publication cost £2 50 and it was published by Gwasg Gee. Once again only one number was published.