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After the Bard has been crowned, the Crowning Song is sung. The words were written by Geraint Bowen. Listen to an extract.

The Chairing Song is sung to greet the new victorious bard on the Eisteddfod stage. It was at the Swansea National Eisteddfod in 1926 that this Chairing song - the words written by Cynan on the melody 'Capten Morgan' - was heard for the first time, when Gwenallt was chaired for his ode to 'Y Mynach' (The Monk).

Tom Gwanas sings the song here, during the Chairing ceremony at the Newport and District National Eisteddfod, 2004.


'Greetings Chief Bard on your victorious course,
Sound out his name to the four winds.
He is the king of all the Festival's bards
Sound the trumpets to the four corners of the world.
Chorus: Greetings Chief bard! The sword's blade has been sheathed,
The Eisteddfod has shouted unanimously, Peace.

Sing, fellow-countrymen, today without restraint;
Sing homage to the Chaired Bard.
The Gorsedd of the interpreter of our mute dreams,
The Gorsedd of the Truth against the World.
Chorus ...

Let us, comrades, proclaim our satisfaction;
The Corn Gwlad calls Heart to Heart
The eye of light always on his success,
Let him have God and all goodness generously.
Chorus ...