Appendix 7: Guidance for staff when dealing with work experience students

Some members of staff will, from time to time, be required to work with young adults from 14 to 18 years of age.

It is recognised that schools and colleges expect young adults undertaking work experience placements to develop independence, responsibilities and the ability to make their own decisions and to apply learning.

It is also recognised that it is not practical, or necessary, for work experience students to be supervised or accompanied by two or more members of staff at all times. However, it would be consistent with the tenor of this policy for the welfare of the young person to be paramount. Therefore, to enable both the staff member and the work experience student to have a positive experience the following points should be borne in mind.

If you are spending time alone with a student, consider:

  • ensuring that another staff member knows your location and the proposed activity
  • ensuring that the door is left ajar or that there is a clear view into the room/exhibit through a window
  • if travelling in a vehicle with the student, ensuring that another member of staff knows where you are going, what you are intending to do and the estimated duration of your journey.

At the start of any placement you should take some time to explain the format of the placement, including place and conditions of work and ensure that he or she is comfortable with the proposed arrangements.

You should also ensure that the student has had adequate time to discuss the proposed plans with their college, school, parent or guardian as appropriate.