Cultural Rights and Cultural Democracy in the Celtic Nations

The Workshop on Cultural Rights and Cultural Democracy in the Celtic Nations was held at St Fagans National Museum of History, Cardiff on the 9th and 10th September 2019. It's purpose was to give the next generation of leaders a space to debate the issues of cultural rights and democracy, and to develop the skills and confidence needed to extend cultural democracy in their organisations.

Day 1

1. Welcome and Purpose of the Programme - David Anderson

2. Eluned Haf - Wales Arts International

3. Keynote Speech: Dai Smith on Raymond Williams and Cultural Democracy.

4. Q&A Panel: Responses to Keynote and questions.

5. Americo Castilla: Culture as Behaviour - Museums at a Critical Moment for Democracy.

6. Hilary Carty: Cultural Democracy - Issues, Values and Choices for the Individual within the Institution.

7. Drawing together the threads - Nia Williams, Director of Learning and Engagement, Amgueddfa Cymru

Day 2

8. Elaine Heumann Gurian: What Does a Holistic Democratic Museum Institution Look Like?

9. Sharon Heal: Museum Activism in a Time of Intolerance: How museum workers and institutions can take an activist stance and campaign with communities on the issues that matter.

10. Drawing together the threads of the programme - David Anderson