Working Abroad - Welsh Emigration: Copper

Remains of Burra Burra copperworks

Remains of the copperworks at Burra Burra, New South Wales, Australia


Graham Davies
28 June 2016, 10:54

Dear Ken,
Thank you for your comment. We don't hold records of individuals at the Museum, although we have a page on our website that provides links to resources that may help you research your wife's great-great grandfather:

Hope this helps,
Graham Davies, Digital Media

Ken Johnson
27 June 2016, 02:54
Hello, my wife's great-grandfather was a copper smelter. We are wondering if you have any information about him. His name was William John. He was born around 1827. he came to Wallaroo, South Australia in 1863 on board the barque "Wallaroo" with a group 12 smelters from Swansea, Wales. It was the first voyage of the "Wallaroo" sailing from Milford Haven on 31st October 1863 and arriving at Wallaroo on 5th February 1863. We are interested in William's life and career before he came to South Australia. We are led to believe that he worked in Chile beforehand and that he was also married and had his wife die in Chile. He eventually remarried in Wallaroo (to a Welsh girl who had also emigrated in 1863) and raised a family. William John died at his home in Wallaroo on 2nd October 1897 aged 70y. Any information on his life and work in Wales and in Chile would be great.
Your faithfully
Ken and Helen Johnson
Tanunda SA
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