Working Abroad - Welsh Emigration: Iron

Welsh workers in the ironworks at Hughesovka

Welsh workers in the ironworks at Hughesovka, John Hughes is second from the right in the front row


Alison Ross
28 May 2021, 20:54

Mae fy mamgu, Harriet Ross, a'r teulu, wedi dod o'r Merthyr Tudful i Seland Newydd.

Having returned to live here myself for 10 years and now going back, I know what a radical step they took.

Steve Cook
9 January 2021, 22:55
My 9th Great Grandfather, James Leonard came from Pontypool and set up the first Iron Works in Taunton, Massachusetts Bay Colony ca. 1650.
I hope to visit Pontypool when travel is allowed!
Steve Cook, Denver, Colorado, USA
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