Triangle artwork by Artistiaid ifanc Ysgolion Penweddig a Dyffryn Teifi (Ceredigion)  Gyda Mary Lloyd Jones
Produced by young artists from Penweddig and Dyffryn Teifi schools (Ceredigion) with Mary Lloyd Jones

To coincide with the exhibition in Oriel 1, St Fagans National History Museum, in the summer of 2009, the Museum and the Urdd worked together on the Triongl (Triangle) project, a chain of cultural events around Wales consisting of three elements — a poem written by North Wales students, an artwork by Mid Wales students and a piece of Music by South Wales students.

The chain was started by a group of young poets from Meirionydd, who penned a piece of poetry on the theme Triongl (Triangle) with the assistance of Ifor ap Glyn, the Children's Poet Laureate of Wales.

The next link in the chain was to create a piece of artwork based on the poem with a group of pupils from Ceredigion under the artist Mary Lloyd Jones' supervision. Mary worked with pupils studying for A Level from Ysgol Penweddig and Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi.

The last link in the chain was completed by pupils from Ysgol Plasmawr and Fitzalan School in Cardiff, with support from Community Music Wales, to record different sounds around the National History Museum — birds singing, fires burning, and the blacksmith at work — which were combined to create a unique piece inspired by the poem and the artwork.

A triangle of Poem, Artwork and Music


The sound of half a star  
Is within us

The braying from the lower field  
The wind through the trees  
Car horns on the streets of the Bay  
And the din of a drain bubbling into the sea

We carry it all in a bottle  
To support us as we gingerly step into the limelight
And tread the stage of our aspiration

Together we move gracefully  
Together we nimbly intertwine  
Until the bronze of our effort  
And the silver of our talent  
Creates a new gold atmosphere

And then the relaxing, the putting aside of burdens
The sharing of experiences, of words
We share facts, opinion and gossip,
As a crowd, as a gang or as a pair

And as we proudly head for home  
All of us having played a part
The star is complete
The light is shining
And the sound echoes everywhere

Poem created by young poets from Meirionydd
with Ifor ap Glyn (trans Owain Rhys)

Young musicians from Plasmawr and Fitzalan Schools with Community Music Wales

Music composed by young musicians from Plasmawr and Fitzalan Schools, with Community Music Wales

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