Sara Huws Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
5 January 2017, 09:24

Thanks for reporting this bug, Andrew. The team will take a look and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Diolch eto,

Digital Team

Andrew Jinks
4 January 2017, 18:26
The content for this blog entry (Different Voices: The history and sound of Wales' languages) is not visible, in Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The area where it should appear is blank, with a series of small black squares running down the left edge. Shame, as I would like to read it! Best wishes, pob hwyl.
Mr Vivian Parry Williams
27 March 2016, 11:12
Gwefan hynod ddiddorol, ac yn gyfraniad hollbwysig ar gyfer cenedlaethau'r dyfodol am dafodieithoedd Cymru. Diolch ichi amdani, a llongyfarchiadau i'r sawl sy'n gyfrifol.

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