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This happens on research cruises, some vital piece of gear is not working and as usual it has something to do with electronics on the remote camera array CAMPOD. So we are still in Tromsø! [1]

Talking of small cogs [2] in big wheels there was also a problem with one of the winches yesterday, but that is sorted.

A reminder that my ship [3] the "GO Sars" was named after the very famous Norwegian marine biologist who specialised in crustacean and molluscs, his books are still used to this day and are in the Museum's zoology library.

Also in Tromsø are two other research ships the older Norwegian "Hakon Moseby" [4] named after a Norwegian oceanographer and meteorologist and the massive German "Maria S Merian" [5] . This ship was named after Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) a naturalist and illustrator [6 & 7] . See for an account of this gifted lady pioneer who went to Surinam.

The sun is still shining in Tromsø and we have been informed that we sail around 01.00hrs.

Its now 07.30, breakfast time and we are leaving a cloudy Norway behind [8]. If you want to see where we are minute by minute you can see our position on the marinetraffic website

We should be at our first sampling station in 22hrs.

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