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Hello everybody!

Last week we introduced you into the wonderful world of washing paper. This time, we are going to show you a video where you are able to enjoy a real process.

The lithograph prints were mounted in poor quality mounts and for that reason we decided to remove all of them. The prints were attached to the backing with an animal glue along the very top edge on the back. When put in a bath of water it can be removed easily with the brush. That is what you are going to watch in the video. Enjoy!


Mar Mateo
19 May 2014, 09:22
Hello Graham!

Thank you very much for your question!

It is not demineralized water it is just tap warm water. The water in Cardiff has a good alkalinity level so we can use it to wash paper.
I hope I answered your query.

Graham Davies
14 May 2014, 14:56
Hiya Maria,
Fascinating process. I'd be interested in discovering if the water in the bath is distilled or general tap water? I assume not general tap water as this has things like chlorine in it?
Keep up the good work!

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