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Hi Bulb Buddies, I have enjoyed reading your comments and studying your data. I’ve also enjoyed the photos that have been shared on Twitter showing some of you taking your weather readings. It looks as though you have been outside in all weathers in the pursuit of scientific study! Fantastic!

In week two, most of you reported colder weather, and some reported frost! What do you think the weather will do between now and Christmas in your area? Do you think you will have a white Christmas? Why not write down your thoughts, and then look at the MET Office website to see if meteorologists (weather scientists) think the same?


Your Comments:


Carnbroe Primary School: Hi, this week our weather has been very cold and some of our class went out to check the plants. They were alright. On Thursday and Friday it was very wet.

Professor Plant: I’m glad to hear that you are keeping an eye on the plants Bulb Buddies, and that they have had a nice watering from the rain!


Canonbie Primary School: Hello, we have felt it slightly warmer this week and our results highlight this through our measurements. We even remembered to do them on Pudsey Bear Day in our Pj's.

Professor Plant: Wow Bulb Buddies, I’m glad you’ve had some nice weather. I hope there is a photo of you taking readings in your pyjamas- it sounds like a funny sight to see! Good work!


Betws Primary School: I look after the plants and they are growing so well.

Professor Plant: It sounds like you are doing a great job! Remember to let me know if there are any signs of the plant sprouting, this is likely to happen January-February.


Pembroke Primary School: Detailed Data weekend 11th and 12th November
11/11 Rain 6.2mm mean temp 10.2 High 12.8 @ 10:00 Low 7.8 @ 00:00
12/11 Rain 0.6mm mean temp 6.7 High 8.6 @ 14:00 Low 4.2 @ 21:30
13/11 Rain 0mm mean temp 5.7 High 8.6 @ 15:30 Low 2.2 @ 04:00
14/11 Rain 1.4mm mean temp 10.4 High 11.7 @ 10:30 Low 6.8 @ 00:30
15/11 Rain 1.4mm mean temp 11.1 High 12.9 @13:30 Low 9.8 @ 06:00
16/11 Rain 0mm mean temp 9.7 High 13.3 @ 12:00 Low 5.2 @ 00:00
17/11 Rain 0mm mean temp 5.6 High 9.8 @ 12:30 Low 2.7 @ 04:30

Professor Plant: Lovely to see your detailed data for the week. Can you work out the average temperature and rainfall for the week? It’s nice to see that the readings you are taking and the detailed data you have are so similar!


Bardney Church of England & Methodist Primary: Another dry week!

Professor Plant: Fantastic news Bulb Buddies, you’ve been luckier than some other schools!


Arkholme CE Primary School: This week has been fairly cold some rain with a little bit of frost on a couple of days.

Professor Plant: Thank you for your overview of the week Bulb Buddies, it’s nice to have a description of the weather on different days whilst studying the data.


Our Lady of Peace Primary School: This was our friends that helped this week.

Professor Plant: Lovely, I’m glad that other classes are getting to take part and see what you are doing as part of the project!


Harmony Primary School: On wed our rain collector had fallen over.

Professor Plant: Thank you for letting me know Bulb Buddies, had it been raining on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning?


Scoil an Droichid: We are going to change the position of the rain gauge because we didn't get much rain in the rain gauge.

Professor Plant: Hi Bulb Buddies, is there something obstructing the rain fall?


Auchenlodment Primary School: It's been a lot colder this week!

Professor Plant: A few schools have reported the same! I hope you have your hats and scarves ready for the winter!


Peterston super Ely Primary School: So far we are really enjoying taking our measurements and can't wait for the bulbs to sprout.

Professor Plant: Fantastic Bulb Buddies, I’m really enjoying the project too and I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your plants once they have started growing!


St Paul's CE Primary School: Cold and windy all week. Some frost early morning. Rain on Thursday and Friday.

Professor Plant: Thank you for your weather observations Bulb Buddies!


Inverkip Primary School: The lowest was 5 degrees Celsius. We enjoyed doing it this week.

Professor Plant: I hope you continue to enjoy taking readings Bulb Buddies. It will be interesting to see how the weather changes between November and March.


Portpatrick Primary School: Brr! Feeling chilly.

Professor Plant: Oh dear Bulb Buddies, it has been getting colder as we approach the end of November! Make sure you wrap up warm to take your weather readings!


Darran Park Primary: We haven't had a lot of rain this week. The temperature has remained very similar to last week.

Professor Plant: Good observations Bulb Buddies, thank you for your update.


Ysgol San Sior: Thank you for this great project – A.

Professor Plant: Thank you for taking part and for sharing your work with us A.


Stanford in the Vale Primary School: Hi this week has been a week that has been hot and cold. Been very cold in the mornings. Bye Bye see you next week.

Professor Plant: See you next week Bulb Buddies!


Ysgol Y Traeth: Wedi bod yn wythnos oer iawn yn Abermaw!

Athro’r Ardd: Gwnewch yn siŵr eich bod yn cadw'n gynnes wrth gymryd eich darlleniadau tywydd Cyfeillion y Gwanwyn.


YGG Tonyrefail: Wythnos braf a sych.

Athro’r Ardd: Dda i glywed Cyfeillion, rydych wedi cael tywydd gwell na rhai ysgolion eraill.

Penny Tomkins

Spring Bulbs Project Coordinator

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