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Hi, I’m Thea, a sixth form student from Shropshire who decided to create this short video as part of my work experience at the National Museum Cardiff.

I had heard about Who Decides? before I became involved in the exhibition, so I was very eager to find out more. After working with the public opinion cards, speaking to the people involved in the museum and doing some short interviews, I created an animation that I thought would best reflect the aims of exhibition and the feedback it had received.

I am passionate about art and against the idea that art and museums are ‘elitist’ or should be for the ‘privileged’ rather than the majority, so I wanted to focus on this issue in the video.

Working with the Wallich

The exhibition itself was incredibly eye opening for me; the museum had decided to work with the charity The Wallich to involve people with experience of homlessness in the process of designing and creating the exhibit and gives the public the chance to choose some of the artwork on display. I haven't seen an exhibition that has ever taken this kind of approach, so I found it intriguing to see how others reacted to the idea.

I hope this refreshing approach to curation will be an archetype for future exhibits and museums because it challenges what we usually connote with galleries and exhibits and hopefully encourages more people to visit exhibitions and museums.

Who Decides? is on show at National Museum Cardiff until 2 September 2018. You can also contribute to Who Decides? by voting for your favourite work to be ‘released’ from the store and placed on public display.


Peter Jeffs
28 September 2018, 19:51
Well done Thea,
for one so young you have presented a rare compelling argument extolling the virtues and values of Art for All. The Art world is littered with flamboyant, irrelevant and self-opinionated comment .. more common-sense and practical expressions such as yours will do much to further the ability of art to influence and stimulate creativity …
Cameron gibbison
4 September 2018, 19:39
well done thea really professional and well thought out lit video and gracie heard your voice and thought you were there
Lorna Hill
4 September 2018, 15:14
A very insightful and thought provoking video - well done Thea !

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