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Our conservation volunteers are helping once again to carve the traditional swede lanterns for Halloween. Each year we try and do more than the last so we’re aiming for 70 this year! Our gnarled little friends will be covering every available surface and hiding in every nook and cranny in Abernodwydd farm house this Halloween.

Pumpkins from America have now replaced the humble swede and turnip, but the story behind the Jack O Lanterns, as they were known, is definitely home grown.  To avoid going to Hell, a man called Stingy Jack believed he had out-witted the Devil with his tricks! But when Jack died his trickery back-fired and he ended up wondering the dark space between heaven and hell with only the light from his lantern for company.

It’s believed that Halloween is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, so beware, Jack may be about!  But don’t worry the light from your own lantern will protect you.

Penny Hill

Preventive Conservator, Historic Buildings

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