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Hello Bulb Buddies,

Schools from across the UK will be planting their bulbs as close to 20 October as they can. This means that most schools will be planting their bulbs tomorrow!

Click here for activities and resources that will help you with this part of the project and with looking after your bulbs over the coming months! 

These resources will help you on planting day:

  • Adopt your Bulb (an overview of the care your bulbs will need)
  • Planting your Bulbs (guidelines for ensuring a fair experiment)

And these activities are fun to complete:

  • Bulb Adoption Certificate
  • Make Bulb Labels

Please read the resources as they contain important information! For example, do you know to label your pot so that you know where the daffodil and crocus are planted?

Remember to take photos of your planting day to enter the Planting Day Competition!

Keep an eye on Professor Plant's Twitter page to see how planting day goes for other schools.

Best of luck Bulb Buddies! Let us know how you get on!

Professor Plant & Baby Bulb

Penny Tomkins

Spring Bulbs Project Coordinator

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