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Croeso, welcome to Lambcam 2023!

Ffion Rhisiart, 2 March 2023

As the first signs of Spring start to appear, that can only mean one thing here at St Fagans – it’s time to get ready for another lambing season! We know that lots of you will be looking forward to #lambcam, and with over 380 lambs on the way it’s going to be another busy year for the Museum’s Farming Team. 


Lambcam 2023 is once again brought to you by a small but dedicated team, who will stream the action live from our lambing shed on 6-19 March between 8am-8pm (GMT). We’ll keep in touch with Emma the shepherd and the experienced staff who are on hand during the day and through the night looking after the ewes and their lambs, and we’ll bring you key updates from overnight the following morning. 


This year’s Lambcam team is also joined by two Amgueddfa Cymru Producers, Tom and Mari, who will both take turns controlling the camera as well as filming at Llwyn-yr-eos Farm to bring you some behind-the-scenes footage for Lambcam Extra. We can’t wait to share those videos with you throughout March – keep an eye on the Lambcam webpage and Amgueddfa Cymru’s social media pages to follow the action. 


Our 259 breeding ewes were pregnancy scanned around Christmas time and marked up with orange dots to show if they are expecting 1, 2 or 3 lambs. (We’re not expecting any quads this year, but you never know, they’ve been a surprise both times we’ve had them before!) The ewes were then moved into the lambing sheds in early January for some pre-natal TLC. At this time, they were also separated into pens with those expecting a single lamb in one group and those expecting twins or triplets in the other. 

Here’s a reminder of what the orange dots on the ewes’ backs mean... 

  • No dot = expecting a single lamb 
  • One dot = expecting twins 
  • Two dots = expecting triplets 

Once the lambs are born, the lambs and their mother will be marked with the same number, so we know who belongs to who before they head out to the field. 


We hope you enjoy watching again this year – and please keep in touch with us by leaving a message on the Lambcam webpage or on socials using #lambcam #sgrinwyna 


Many of the returning Lambcam Superfans will be familiar with Bernice, who has worked hard behind the scenes leading Amgueddfa Cymru’s Lambcam project since it started in 2015. Bernice hung up her wellies and waterproof trousers last summer to take a well-earned break and I’m sure you’ll all join us in wishing her well. We have no doubt you will be following the action B, hopefully whilst sipping a cocktail on a warm beach somewhere! 

Ffion Rhisiart

Events Officer
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