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Wriggle! The wonderful world of worms

National Museum Cardiff

Visit our new exhibition!

18 June 201630 September 2017     

An exciting exhibition delving into the wonderful world of worms. Crawl inside the amazing ‘wriggloo’ and get an earthworm’s eye view of the world.  Discover the mind-blowing diversity of worms and find out more about where and how they live. Use our fun interactive game to discover what kind of worm you really are!  Explore how worms have crawled into all areas of popular culture, from books and movies to heavy metal music.

For foundation phase / Key Stage 2


Cost: Free of charge as is a self-led session.

Dinosaur Babies

National Museum Cardiff
picture of dinosaur embryo in egg
image of tarbosaur skeleton
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27th May - 5th Oct 2017

Coming to Wales for the first time: an exciting family-friendly exhibition bringing together some of the world’s most amazing finds of dinosaur eggs and embryos.

Includes full size dinosaur skeletons and replicas, touchable models of dinosaur embryos and eggs, and even a huge 2.5 metre model dinosaur nest!

  • Get up close to the dinosaurs
  • Learn about dinosaur family life and how they cared for their babies
  • Learn to identify eggs from different dinosaurs.
  • Be a palaeontologist and have a go in our ‘Big Dig Pit’.

For school bookings, please call our Learning Dept on (029) 2057 3240. For all other group bookings, please contact Ticketline on (029) 2023 0130

Pre-booked schools

Exhibition only

£60 – large group, up to 35   pupils

£40 – small group, up to 15 pupils

Teachers / supervisors go in free

Dinosaur Workshop only


Combined workshop  and visit to the exhibition

£120 – large group, up to 35 pupils

£80 – small group, up to 15 pupils

Part of 2017 Year of Legends. The programme of learning activities for Dinosaur Babies is supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Dates: 27th May 2017 - 5th October 2017

Dinosaur detectives

National Museum Cardiff


Come face to face with dinosaurs, explore feeding adaptations, find out what lived with the dinosaurs and handle some real dino bones

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Led by Museum staff - £40 for up to 15 pupils, £60 for up to 35. Free for some schools (see booking information).

Art - Welsh Landscapes

National Museum Cardiff

Explore how artists have been inspired by different elements within the landscape.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Led by Museum staff - £40 for up to 15 pupils, £60 for up to 35. Free for some schools (see booking information).

Skulls, teeth and bones

National Museum Cardiff


Explore our body and compare to skeletons and skulls, from dogs and sheep, to the more exotic tigers and elephants.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Led by Museum staff - £40 for up to 15 pupils, £60 for up to 35. Free for some schools (see booking information).


Science - Interdependence of organisms

  • Learn about life processes in animals.
  • Explore feeding relationships.
  • Use the appropriate scientific language and terms.

 Scientific Enquiry

  • Make careful observations.
  • Discuss ideas.
  • Describe what they have found out.


Compare two or more objects, and sort objects using a few different criteria.

Free In school

John Piper - mountains of north Wales

National Museum Cardiff
National Slate Museum

This learning resource is designed to support teachers and other educators who wish to engage their learners with the work of artist John Piper 1903-1992, especially his drawings and paintings of the mountains of north Wales.

Cost: For use in school - free of charge.

Urban Meadow Learning Resource

National Museum Cardiff

This pack is designed to support teachers and educators in preparing for a self-led museum visit, but can also be used to support learning inside and outside of the classroom. There are lots of ideas and activities to explore before your visit, at the Museum, and back at school. There is also a resources section at the back of the pack with worksheets and activities.

The content is relevant to the National Numeracy and Literacy Framework.