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Exhibition: The Sea Horizon

National Museum Cardiff
18 February–10 September 2023
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Cost Free
Suitability All
A square photograph with the line where the sea meets the horizon in the centre of the image. The photograph shows a view of Wales from Bristol. The sky and the sea are a beautiful, deep colour blue

The Sea Horizon, No. 18, 1976-77

© Garry Fabian Miller

Views of Wales - from shore to shore


The Sea Horizon is a new exhibition featuring photographs by the artist Garry Fabian Miller - one of the most progressive figures in fine art photography.


This exhibition will show you Wales from a new perspective - one that is unusual and unfamiliar - inspiring you to think about the importance of identity, borders, and sense of place.


The Sea Horizon is a reminder of how landscapes change and adapt over time, particularly when considering the tidal range of the Severn Estuary, the second largest in the world. Almost fifty years after it was first made, the work takes on new relevance in the context of the climate crisis and rising sea levels. 

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