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Event: Star Attractions at the Museum

National Museum Cardiff
28 January 2017
Cost Free
Suitability all

National Museum Cardiff will be hosting a FREE fun-filled day of astronomical activities, shows and displays for all the family on Saturday 28 January, 10am-4pm.

  • Explore the Museum’s meteorite collection, and use our impact simulator to discover the effects of a meteorite hitting your home town. Think you’ve found a meteorite?  Bring it in and our museum scientists will identify it for you.
  • Interested in stargazing and wondering where to start and where to get help?  Come along and talk to your local Astronomical Society!  There will be stands from Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Abergavenny, Usk and Heads of the Valleys Astronomical Societies, offering information and help, telescopes on display, merchandise for sale, and various activities and experiments for children of all ages.
  • See spectacular 3D space shows with AstroCymru or explore the night sky with planetarium shows hosted by Abergavenny, Usk and Heads of the Valleys Astronomical Societies. Have fun exploring our giant model of the solar system, and have a go at our planets quiz.  
  • Discover how Space Made Simple brings science to life in fun ways, and how the Tim Peake Primary Project has connected schools across the UK with the British astronaut's 6-month mission to the International Space Station, which ended in May.
  • Find out how your school can use large robotic telescopes located around the world through the Faulkes Telescope Project, and help us to detect mysterious "cosmic rays" as part of the QuarkNet Cymru and HiSPARC UK projects.
  • Experience stargazing through the ages – find out what it was like to look through Galileo and Newton’s early telescopes, and how today’s high-tech telescopes compare!
  • Discover how astronomers at Cardiff University explore and understand our Universe, using light that we see, light that we don't see and even ripples in gravity itself.
  • Suffering from light pollution? Come along and get advice on how to reduce excessive, inefficient and irresponsible lighting that shines where it is not wanted nor needed.
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