Bronze Age Gold from Wales

Late Bronze Age gold fragment

This is a bent fragment of gold ribbon from an uncertain object, deliberately broken at both ends. It is thicker than the associated bracelet and metallurgical analysis has indicated it belonged to a separate object.

Project Title: Gold in Britain’s auriferous regions, 2450-800 BC: towards a coherent Research Framework and Strategy. Status: Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Network Grant funded project (2018-2019)

Collection Area

Archaeology & Numismatics

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Find Information

Site Name: Michaelston-super-Ely, Cardiff

Collection Method: surface find
Date: 1987 / Mar / 20

Notes: Hoard. A socketed axe was found in March 1987 with two fragments of gold placed deep inside the socket. The findspot was in a field of pasture beneath an old field bank. The axe was found lying horizontally at a depth of just over 50cm. Archaeological excavation revealed no associated pit or context.


Treasure trove, 30/9/1987


length / mm:17.5
width / mm:9.2
thickness / mm:1.2




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