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Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Margaret Maddocks baking round cakes in a Dutch oven, North Cornelly, Glamorgan.

Pancakes were baked generally throughout the whole of Wales but their names, in Welsh, differed widely from county to county or from district to district, namely:


cramwythen    pl.  cramoth                 (parts of Carmarthenshire and Glamorgan)

crempog          pl.  crempogau            (in the counties of north Wales, generally)

ffroesen           pl.  ffroes                     (parts of Glamorgan)

poncagen         pl.  poncagau               (parts of Cardiganshire)

pancogen         pl.  pancocs                 (part of Pembrokeshire)

pancosen         pl.  pancos                   (parts of Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire)

The Recipe

You will need

  • one pound plain flour
  • a little salt
  • a little nutmeg
  • three ounces sugar
  • four ounces butter
  • three eggs
  • a little warm milk
  • two teaspoonfuls baking powder


  1. Mix the flour, salt, nutmeg and sugar together in a warm basin and then rub in the butter into this dry mixture. 
  2. Add a little warm milk to the beaten eggs and gradually pour into the dry ingredients, beating well with a wooden spoon to make a smooth batter. 
  3. If the batter appears to be too stiff, a little warm milk may be added. 
  4. Allow to stand for half an hour, and then fold in the baking powder but do not beat. 
  5. Now drop gently from a tablespoon on to a moderately hot, well greased bakestone until light brown on both sides. 
  6. Put on a plate, spread each with butter and sprinkle with sugar. 
  7. Continue to bake the remainder of the batter in the same way.

Abercynon, Glamorgan.

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