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Llainfadyn, a quarryman's cottage, originally from Rhostryfan

Llainfadyn, a quarryman's cottage, originally from Rhostryfan

Lobscows was commonly eaten for the mid-day meal on the farms in the counties of north Wales or for swper chwarel (evening meal) in the slate-mining communities there.

Rhostryfan, Caernarvonshire.


The Recipe

You will need

  • a piece of salted beef
  • cold water
  • a large onion
  • carrots
  • swede
  • potatoes


  1. Using a large saucepan, cover the meat with water and boil for some time before adding the chopped onion, swede and carrots. (Alternatively, dice the meat and boil for a shorter period, as time permits.)  
  2. Continue cooking and finally add the potatoes some twenty minutes before serving. 
  3. (The quantity of potatoes and vegetables added will determine the final thickness of the broth.) 

Mynytho, Lleyn.


Many consider cawl to be the national dish of Wales. Traditionally it was the staple diet for numerous families, and as with most recipes, varied from family to family and region to region according to what was available and in season. In some parts of Wales the broth was served as a first course, whilst the vegetables and boiled meat was served as a main course. A similar dish, known as lobsgows was served in north Wales. Here's Rhian Gay demonstrating how to prepare cawl.

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