Loan Charges

Charges for Borrowing Items from Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museums Wales

The following pages supplement Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales’ Policy for Outward Loans


  1. We apply three geographical categories: (i) Wales; (ii) Rest of U.K.; and (iii) International.

  2. We do not normally make a charge for loans within Wales as sharing the national collections with the people of Wales is part of our museum purpose.

  3. The annual cost to us of operating loans to institutions outside Wales, and the individual cost of each loan, must at least cover all costs including staff time, in every aspect of the process.

  4. We apply higher charges for loans to exhibitions where there is an admission charge for the whole institution and/or the specific exhibition, than for institutions where both are free.

  5. The Museum will add a market supplement cost for all loans that are of high value (mainly but not exclusively art), based on our estimate of each work's approximate items value.

  6. We will provide a full statement of the loan costs at the point of formal agreement of the loan: should the loan request be subsequently withdrawn by the Borrower, they will be required to pay for any costs already incurred at the point of cancellation.

Charges per item

1. U.K. and Ireland

Free exhibition in a free venue Charging art exhibition in free venue/free art exhibition in charging venue/charging art exhibition in a charging venue
£356 (Discounted at 50%) £712

2. International Loans

Free exhibition in a free venue Charging exhibition in free venue/free exhibition in charging venue/charging exhibition in a charging venue
£856 £1,462