Dr. Ray Tangney: Head of Lower Plants


Taxonomy, evolution and ecology of bryophytes (mosses and liverworts), evolutionary analysis, molecular systematics.

Current projects

  • Taxonomy, evolution and biogeography of the moss family Lembophyllaceae.
  • Taxonomy and evolution of the genus Isothecium.
  • Architecture and growth form in mosses.
  • Taxonomic treatments of the Polytrichaceae and Lembophyllaceae for the Moss Flora of New Zealand.

For more information on these research projects see the Bryophyte Research Projects page.

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Alan Orange : Curator of Lichens

My research focuses on the family of lichens known as Verrucariaceae. About 150 species are known in Britain and many hundreds worldwide, especially in cold and temperate regions. They are most abundant on limestone, on wet rocks by streams, and on the sea shore. Some of them are parasites on other lichens. The species are often difficult to distinguish from each other and have been much confused. I aim to use DNA sequencing as a fresh approach in this group, putting our knowledge of these widespread lichens on a firm footing.

Current projects

  • Freshwater species of Verrucaria
  • The Verrucaria dolosa and Verrucaria murina groups
  • The 'brown' Verrucaria species in Britain
  • Verrucariaceae from Nepal
  • World Review of Verrucariaceae

For more information on these research projects see the Lichen Research Projects page.

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Dr. Ingrid Jüttner : Research Curator Diatoms


Ecology and taxonomy of diatoms, aquatic ecology.

Current projects

  • Diatoms as indicators of water quality (acidification, eutrophication, organic pollution) in streams, rivers, lakes and ponds of Wales.
  • Taxonomy and biogeography of diatoms in Europe.
  • Ecology, biogeography and taxonomy of diatoms in streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, springs and terrestrial habitats of Nepal.

For more information on these research projects see the Diatom Research Projects page.

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Katherine Slade : Collections access and managment officer (Lower Plants)

Is involved in curation, data entry, data analysis and improving access to the Lower Plant collections. Has recently completed collaborative projects are a Catalogue of National Museum Wales Sphagnum Specimens and the Checklist of National Museum Wales bryophyte taxa. Current work includes working on the Catalogue of Welsh Bryophyte Specimens in Museum.

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