Outer Bristol Channel Marine Habitat Survey


Outer Bristol Channel

Bristol Channel
The area (including Carmarthen Bay) enclosed by a line drawn from St Govan's Head — Lundy — Bull Point (west of Ilfracombe) — Worm's Head.

Sand waves

Sand waves are large wavelike sand features on the seabed, usually in shallow water.

Rock Outcrops

The part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the seabed.


The places where plants and animals live



Deploying a Van Veen grab to sample the seabed for animals.



Bringing aboard a Klein 500 side scan sonar used to study the physical nature of the seabed.

Baseline information

Baseline information is gathering information on an area or site so that you know what it is like at that particular time. This enables us to look for any changes if we study the same area again.