Our Values

Care and conservation are in our DNA.

We are proud to take care of the legacies of our fellow Welshmen and women, to pass on their treasures and values to the next generation.

A Century of Care

We have been honoured to look after bequests and legacies for 110 years.

Thanks to legacy donations we have been able to renovate galleries, acquire works of international importance, and fund our research in the fields of archaeology, geology and natural sciences.

Read more about the benefits of making a will.

A Meaningful Gift

We understand how powerful it can be to leave a legacy behind. Legacy gifts are treated no differently from the objects and stories in our collections.

More information on gift options and details on how to organise a legacy is available in our brochure

You can also speak to a dedicated member of staff about how to support us through a gift in your will.

Image: Pincushion made by Pt. Brinley Rhys Edmunds of Barry, shortly before his passing, aged 19, at Kongisbruck Prisoner of War Camp.

Giving Back

Your support means a lot to us.

To find out more about how we are making a difference in communities all over Wales, take a look at our Community Engagement Blog.

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