More about Legacy Giving

How your legacy can help us

Your legacy can help us in many different ways, whether to improve the very fabric of our museums, to help conserve our precious collections or to purchase specific items for the nation.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that, however much you give, you will help future generations to enjoy and appreciate the diverse richness of history and culture Wales possesses.

A large legacy of over £500,000 recently helped us to secure a major work of art for the nation - the purchase of Henry Knight of Tythegston and his three children by Johann Zoffany. This was a painting close to the donor's heart and it was a pleasure to be able to fulfil the desires of a lifelong supporter, while safeguarding the future of the work of art.

Not every bequest is substantial enough to enable the purchase of a work of art such as this. We value gifts of any size, large or small, as they all play a part in preserving the national collections of Wales for future generations.

Your bequest of £1,000 could help us to hold a series of schools workshops, involving local children who might not otherwise have the chance to visit museums. It is important that children feel that they can enjoy our collections, so that they may make the most of them in years to come.

Our international standing relies on our up-to-date conservation and research skills. £10,000 could help to train a conservator in the rare skills that preserve our most fragile collections and allow us to learn so much more about the world around us.

Speaking to your Solicitor

Make sure your wishes are met. Your solicitor will explain how to include a bequest in your will, which is easy, whether or not you already have a will. There are a number of ways, the most popular being a residual bequest. This refers to what is left after any expenses have been paid and your friends and family have received exactly what you want.

Making a will is the only way to ensure that those you care about are provided for when you have gone. First of all, you must make sure that your family and friends will receive what you would wish. You might then consider leaving a portion of your estate to help us to preserve your national heritage for the future. The best way to make a will is through your solicitor, and this need not cost very much at all.

Very often during our lives, we are unable to be as generous as we would wish towards our favourite charities because of the inevitable financial constraints. A legacy will perpetuate your support for ever, without incurring any tax. It might even help your family by reducing any inheritance tax bills that might arise when you have gone.

When you have remembered your family and friends in your will, you might want to leave the residue of your estate, or a percentage of it, to Amgueddfa Cymru. Your solicitor might find it useful to have the following wording to enable this:

I give to the National Museum of Wales, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NP, Registered Charity Number 525774, either:
a) a portion (please specify) of the residue of my estate for its general purposes, or,
b) the sum of £......... for its general purposes.

If you own an item of national importance, you might want to leave it to Amgueddfa Cymru as a direct bequest or to the Government in lieu of tax. Please check with the Development Department when you draw up your will that we are able to accept your bequest.

If you would like any further information on leaving a gift in your will, please contact us by email or telephone (standard rate).

Our Charity Registration Number: 525774